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Dental insurance no waiting period  chair side conversations any kind of customer facing conversations we coach it Dental insurance no waiting period the second pillar would be team communication so anything from

A leader or owner of a business or manager  Dental insurance no waiting period within a business or practice that wants to communicate better.

  • with their teams and be better better leaders than we do a self leadership communications .
  • Workshops and lots of different avenues to get that information but a lot of coaching around that we also coach company culture so a lot of .
  • work about how teams are together and just helping people grow individually and mature in their communications so.

That they’re seen as not just leaders in their company or departments but but also just in life you know that they Dental insurance no waiting period that they’re if they’re true that they leave a legacy with the children at their dinner table or.

The the people in their church groups or their communities you know wherever they’re in their neighborhoods that that they speak in such a way that people that people are inspired and feel clear about you know.

What what they’re saying and so we coached that and then the third pillar would be training other trainers and training other speakers anything from the owner of a business that needs to you know it’s habit sort of an executive.

Level understanding of how to speak well in public all the way to people who make a living as a trainer or make a living as a speaker so in that pillar we’re doing a lot of corporate work and of course a lot of speak into you .

Know independent speakers and trainers come through that so that’s really sort of an overview of what we do and and we love it and we’re just so high we too have had that moment .

A few years ago where we said gosh let’s focus you know let’s really focus on what we’re good at because there’s so many great practice management consultants and I refer to a lot of.

Them now when when a client needs that but if someone just needs a really you know deep dive into particular communication skills and world that’s what we specialize in amazing.

I mean what you’ve done is you have simplified to multiply you know you have try to kind of zoom into that one thing that you are amazingly good at that.