How To Buy Fun Timers

Well I shouldn’t say usually they are our tribal and you Fun Timers can usually they’re not allowed to be put side by side with each other so I don’t know if we just flip through the crack um or if we got some sort of special exception because we actually had.

Fun Timers
Fun Timers

I met first from an insurance standpoint but Maris has a very very close relationship with ASP so. I don’t know if that had influence over it but nonetheless the good news is is you can once again just offer your client choice for more they want to utilize their benefits.

How To Buy Fun Timers?

I meant ESP between the two really cover the majority of the providers that are out there it’s the vast majority of sound like   somewhere in the plus percentage um I met is really known there .

I meant to par Lucas who meant is really in the business to manufacture frames and their knowing for really call them big brands or kind of like these you know mall stores so provision is a part of .

I Med Transcribers is a part of I’m ed target optical seers KC Penney’s those types of stores those large volume stores are really part of I meant BPS is more known for the private practice doctors ASP was started by.

I don’t recall those three doctors or four doctors I think it was I think it was three different I dr. Zn California from the coming from the provider side and they really kind of built a complete business.