the amazing fact of dental help in usa

dental help Is you want this is where you have to get the information and take the stand and build that relationship of dental help .

Trust with the patient so that they follow your guidance and your suggestion because .

dental help
dental help
  • This is these are some of the areas where we see patients and offices losing out because.
  • They are so focused on only doing what insurance will pay for instead of what the patient needs and .
  • Then you become a beauty salon you become a you become a luxury service and you.
  • Don’t become you’re not healthcare anymore you’re just you’re you’re just a service organization

Well your health care and so insurance is a benefit and it helps but it is not insurance doesn’t tell people.

  • Doesn’t keep people healthy you keep people healthy insurance just helps pay for it
  • Right so all right let’s move on and you first let me check in before we move on to the next couple.
  • Any questions people still there yes amber we will share the comparison chart let me share.

With clients that’s no problem it’s an Excel spreadsheet and make it super easy for you any other.

Questions or comments if I’m doing this right where it oh here we go okay the other thing that .

I would love to know is there any comments oh here’s again I’m still learning how to navigate okay people said that they’re good excellent I don’t know how to check to see if

There are questions or comments on the Facebook page them because we are Facebook lied as well we’ll learn okay to the next page okay still the struggles mistakes blunders and myths of navigating.

The dental insurance game how do I know who I’m in network with oh my gosh this is why we are just this is a great place for sharing I deposit and city all of these questions that are difficult to answer and .

We are actually building a course for you it is a course that is going to be so comprehensive about navigating the dental insurance game it takes you from basics to