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Dental insurance with no waiting period

  • beverages so their  nectar thickened and dental insurance  can  actually be higher.
  • The sugar is thicker it’ll stay on the teeth longer okay because of the thin  liquid would go.
dental insurance with no waiting period
dental insurance with no waiting period
  • down it could be washed away with saliva but something that’s thicker and a little jelly like.
  • going  to is gonna stay in on the teeth longer and promote tooth decay so it’s nice if you .

have an Individual that may not be able to.

  • be able to to get with just some water cleanse those areas out so we can neutralize some.
  • of the acids and reduce some of the sugars you know may not be able to swallow that but.
  • you  can all go ahead and dilute that a little bit oral hygiene is important I’ll talk about.
  • some toothbrushes you can use for individuals when you’re helping to brush their teeth.
  • and of course one of the big things is the host  resistance as far as getting to carries you.
  • know inflammation many of these new medications are going to be directed at immune.

System challenges and antibodies and things like that to reduce in inflammation

  • Certain areas so if you  have inflammation in the mouth the body is already fighting.
  • inflammation in one area and can’t put its focus along with the help of these medications.
  • to reduce and take away these proteins and and have their immune system work so it is
  •  important and you know it’s it’s so challenging people with with degenerative.

diseases have so many other problems it can be easily easily the mouth can be

  • left to the last and then you know until there’s a big problem and then it becomes almost
  • like a storm like  a tornado trying to improve the person’s health and improve find a dentist take