Never Changing Dental Helps Will Eventually Destroy You

What it would be on the health insurance usually my health insurance guys are going to be cross selling dental much higher than the Medicare guys part of that is by necessity they’re the part of us just market forces but specifically Dental Insurance the senior market so % of those that are retiring and tend to get dental again once.

They retire so even though they’re going to pay for it themselves they’re still going to get dental % and those seniors have dental currently that was done by it by a Gao study so the opportunity is definitely there whether you’re on the NFC c or the over so if you have interest in offering the plants what you would do is you’d contact a mian team at a HCP and they would go ahead and get you appointed.

dental helps
dental helps

Once you get appointed with us we will send you an email similar to this although it’s been rebranded at this point so I’ve got to update this slide but ultimately what does it have in here it’s got your own enrollment link which I’m going to show you next let’s do so your aroma links going to bring you to this page.


You can use this as an agent of Roman link or you can use it as consumer enrollment link when security life is building this out five years ago I you know we’re a pretty small company back then and so thus they’re they’re asking me what do we need to do and I told the VP of Marketing like you need to make a consumer friendly website and at that time the the CEO and also the head of sales kind of like looked at me going well.

What the heck we distribute through agents were you know we’re not we’re not changing our model to this direct-to-consumer model my thought process was if it’s intuitive enough for consumer it’s going to be intuitive enough for everybody inclusive of the agents and so we want to make your jobs as simple as possible and we also want to make this product and process as simple as possible and so we’ve done a really good job in my opinion anyways.

I’m making an enrollment tool that kind of is conducive of that so here are the plans notice remember I mentioned you have the option of network or not networks you know that because the plan will saying network in a title or this one does not also. See more..

10 Warning Signs Of Your Dental Insurance Demise

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Dental Helps

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