tips to use humana dental for usa

personally humana dental I like you either a dual cure or a soft cure adhesive or a bonding agent why because sometimes our restorations are really deep when we have those proximal boxes that go all the.

humana dental
humana dental

way down to maybe six millimeters sometimes sometimes or even so gingival what do we do there well we have to have a powerful light a light that goes all the way down there but a better

way to actually compensate for that is having a self cured bonding agent so I like using a ten year a and B oh it’s a multi-purpose bonding agent and I like using it because it’s soft cure so that’s gonna give me the confidence to know that my adhesive is actually completely cured before

I place my restoration there before I place my composite there the next post-op sensitivity complaint comes from proximity to the poke so if we have a restoration it has deep decay and

we have proximity to the pool it’s very likely that a tooth may need a root canal if there’s decay are you going all the way to the nerve but sometimes even if there’s no decay going although it’s

the nerve even if the poop isn’t impacted there’s still a chance that we’re gonna have some post-op sensitivity because of the trauma that we’re doing around that area so how do we avoid

that we’re gonna go and see a little case example right now of how to a boy post-op sensitivity when we have proximity to the pole another reason for post-op sensitivity is micro leakage if

the bond between the tooth and the composite isn’t very strong all the way around you’re gonna have Micro lis kitchen if you have micro leakage you’re gonna have bacteria going in it if you have bacteria going